Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna: Taunting Kim After Robbery?!

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have both had their issues — and for once, we’re not even talking about their never-ending relationship issues.

No, Rob and Chyna have both shown some concerning behavior over the years.

Chyna is quick to get angry, like scary angry, over any old thing, and Rob has whatever he has that made him hole up and gain all that weight while never leaving the house.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Flaunt Their Jewelry

But while we’re sympathetic to their struggles and wish them both the best, this video Chyna posted on Snapchat last night is pretty much inexcusable.

Check it out — it’s just the two of them showing off their expensive diamond-studded watches and Chyna’s huge diamond engagement ring.

That’s literally all it is. It’s dumb and pointless.

But when you remember what happened to Rob’s sister and Chyna’s former best friend, Kim Kardashian, less than a week ago, it seems downright cruel.

On Sunday night, five men broke into Kim’s Paris hotel room. They handcuffed her, gagged her, and threw her in the bathtub so they could steal her expensive jewelry.

Kim is said to have been traumatized by the event, and rightfully so. It sounds like it was a terrifying thing to go through.

It’s been said that Kim is planning on making a lot of changes in the aftermath of the robbery, one of those changes being how much of her life — and her wealth — she shares on social media.

She’ll reportedly cut back on showing off material possessions, and that makes sense, but if she does, it looks like Rob and Chyna will pick up the slack.

Seriously, just watch the video one more time and think about Kim. Chyna is showing off her diamond ring just days after Kim’s four million dollar ring was so forcibly taken from her.

It’s disgusting.

And as for the reason for Rob’s insensitivity towards his big sister, a new report from Radar claims that Rob is actually staying away from Kim entirely right now.

“Rob is loving his life right now,” a source states, “and he thinks it is great that KUWTK is going dark because that means that the whole world will be focused on him, Blac, their show and their baby daughter.”

This is referring to the reports that Kim is considering cancelling Keeping Up with the Kardashians and making her life more private.

“Rob is tired of living in the shadows of his family,” the source continues. And apparently that means he wants to be the only Kardashian on television.

“It seems Rob is starting to believe that fans are tired of his family’s drama and that right now, everyone cares about his baby,” the source says. “He knows that he and Blac are going to be set for life, regardless of what happens to the rest of his family.”

As for Kim’s ordeal, the source claims that “Rob wants nothing to do with any of that mess right now! He’s literally shut her out since she returned.”

“Rob says that Kim is just a ticking time bomb and he seems to think she might not be safe to be around at this time.”

OK, sure, that makes sense. Except it really, really does not.

Look, if we had seen this report without seeing Chyna’s outrageous Snapchat video, it would have been harder to believe.

But since it’s becoming fairly obvious that Rob’s not concerned with Kim’s feelings … yeah, this is all just a big mess of sadness.


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